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Our vision for Starfish Reviews is much larger than what the plugin is today. Right now it’s focused on the “funnels” aspect of getting 5-star reviews anywhere you want to encourage public ratings and reviews. Once we get that core functionality built-out to include all the features that our members and us feel are needed to make it a really solid marketing tool, then we’ll expand into other areas.

Myself and the other people here at Starfish believe strongly in The Lean Startup method. That means we listen to our members and potential members to find out what they want and then building those features and tools, rather than guessing what they want, or looking at what other companies or our competition is doing and mimicking that. So none of this is guaranteed, but the the other areas we could expand the plugin to include might be things like:

  • Multiple destinations (UPDATE: added!)
  • Display reviews on your site from other sources
  • Reviews tracking with a centralized analytics dashboard of your reviews from across the web

Starfish Reviews Will Keep Getting Better & Better

These are just ideas. No guarantees. Our members or team might come up with others in the meantime. But here’s the point: Starfish Reviews is going to get a lot better over the coming months and years. And we recognize that right now it has a fairly limited feature set in comparison to the SaaS tools offered by reputation management companies (though many charge 30X as much as we do). We also really appreciate our early members, because their input and feedback helps guide our little project forward.

So here’s what we’ve decided to do: we’ve started the yearly price of the plugin out pretty low. With each new version that includes what we consider to be “major” new additions to Starfish Reviews, we’ll increase the price some, until we hit our target value offering and pricing. At that point the pricing will stop increasing, even with major new features or overhauls of existing functionality.

Buy Now to Lock-in Pricing

That means that if you buy right away, you can “lock in” the current pricing we’re offering now. As long as you renew each month or year, it’ll stay at that same price no matter how big or awesome each new release afterward is. You’ll get it all for the same license renewal price as when you signed up, even if we double or triple the price of the plugin. That’s our way of saying “thank you” to our loyal members who sign up and support us in the early stages. It’s one of the benefits we want to give you for keeping us going, even though Starfish Reviews doesn’t have all the great things that’ll make it a much more attractive purchase in the future.

[bctt tweet=”I hate seeing companies offering steep discounts to new customers, but doing NOTHING for their existing customers that have kept them in business to this point. We believe that’s ethically destitute. “]

This all goes back to one of our core principles of valuing our members. Personally I hate seeing large corporations and even many WordPress plugin and theme companies offering steep discounts to new customers, but doing NOTHING for their existing customers that have kept them in business to this point. We believe that’s ethically destitute, backward thinking, and just a bad way to do business. We’d much rather inspire long-term loyalty through awesome support and doing nice things for our existing members, than “quick wins” that gain new members. We believe taking care of all our members will turn them into our best marketing tool, as they tell other people how much they love Starfish Reviews.



Hi, I'm Tevya! I wrote this post. I also created Starfish Reviews. I'm always looking for ways to help small businesses and WordPress professionals. Right now, I'm most excited about Starfish Reviews and online reputation management. Feel free to connect with me on social media, or email me.

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