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(paid yearly)

  • Unlimited WP Sites
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Automatic Updates
  • All Features

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(paid yearly)

  • 10 WP Sites
  • 10 Funnels per Site
  • Automatic Updates
  • All Features

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(paid yearly)

  • 1 WP Site + 1 Test
  • 5 Funnels
  • Automatic Updates
  • All Features

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Note: plans are automatically renewed monthly or yearly, according to whatever option you choose.

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All premium Versions

14-day, Money-back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied in the first 14 days after purchasing our plugin, you can get a 100% refund, no questions asked. Simply ask and we’ll provide it.

Price Lock-in When You Join

We’re going to increase the price of Starfish Reviews as we add more and more value in the form of benefits, features, and functionality. However, you lock-in the price you sign up at. Select a plan today, and get that price for as long as you keep your plan active!

Excellent Priority Support

Our support is top-notch. Currently we have 98% “Great” ratings from our customers. And we’re not using anything to encourage good feedback over negative. They’re handled 100% by Help Scout our helpdesk provider, and can only be influenced by us by how we take care of our users.

Latest WordPress and PHP Supported

We’re always testing and ensuring that Starfish Reviews will work with the latest versions of WordPress and PHP, so you can always stay current without loosing functionality.

GPL Licensed Open Source

Starfish Reviews uses 100% GPL 2.0 open-source code. All the freedoms of the GPL apply here.

Automatic Updates

Because we use Freemius (a plugin ecommerce and licensing system for WordPress plugins and themes) you can update Starfish Reviews just like any WordPress plugin from, as long as your plan/license is current.

Multiple Funnels

“Funnels” are the landing pages that ask people how they feel about a business, product, or service. You can have multiple funnels with our premium plugins. The Business plan is limited to 5 funnels. The Marketer plan is limited to 10 funnels per site. The webmaster plan includes unlimited funnels.

Multiple Destinations Per Funnel

One funnel can send people to one review destination (such as your Google My Business page), or you can have multiple destinations and allow your customers/followers to choose. For example, you can let them choose between Google, Facebook, Yelp, and any others you can link to.

Auto-forward Single Destination

If you’re only sending people to one destination with a particular funnel, why make them click a “take me to Google to leave a review” (for example) button? That’s just one more step, and more friction that can lower your conversions. Use this feature to take them directly to the destination after they’ve selected the positive (thumbs up) option.

Disable Review "Gating"

Google and other rating/review services state that you can’t encourage only good review and discourage bad ones. Sometimes this is called “gating.” This option allows people with negative feedback to proceed to the destination and leave a public review, thus complying with Google’s (and other platform’s) standards.

Show a logo or product image

Showing the business’ logo on the funnel can help your customers remember your business. This option allows you to display a logo or other image at the top of your reviews.

Analytics for High-level Overview

See the results of your marketing campaigns: how many people have given positive feedback and how many provided negative feedback. Plus see what destinations they’re using. Helpful charts provide a strategic view at a glance.

Your Overall Rating

How are you doing overall? See your rating based on the feedback you’ve received so far.

Customize All Funnel Wording

Want to change what a funnel asks of your followers? Or the buttons they click on? Or perhaps you need to display it in a different language? You can customize all the wording in a given funnel to fit your needs.

Insert Funnels via Shortcode

Want to display a funnel inside a page, post, or widget? Use Starfish Reviews’ simple shortcode to display your funnels wherever you want.

Customize the URL(s) of Funnels

There’s 2 parts to a funnel’s URL: the custom post type permalink and the actual funnel slug. So it looks like this You can customize the general slug (“/reviews/” above) for all funnels to whatever you want. You can also edit the permalink in each funnel to alter the funnel’s slug. So you could have funnels with URL’s like: and

View & Manage Feedback

If you tested your funnel and need to delete that feedback, you can do that! Or perhaps you have other reasons for wanting to delete or edit other feedback. The data is all yours, so you do what you please.

Vote for New Features

We believe strongly in LEAN Startup method. That means we listen to our users and build the features that they want, not what we think they might want. As a paying member, your feedback and votes get priority over those who use the free version.



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Latest WP & PHP

GPL Open Source

Automatic Updates

1 Funnel

Multiple Destinations


Disable “Gating”

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Overall Rating

Customize Wording

Insert via Shortcode

Customize URL

Manage Feedback

Vote on New Features

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