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Generate 5-Star Online Reviews via WordPress! 

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Just Set Up a Funnel, Then Ask For Feedback

How Starfish Reviews Helps You Generate Reviews


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Customize Your Funnel

with the familiar WordPress interface! Install on your own WordPress website. That means you control the data and is why Starfish is so much cheaper than alternatives.


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Send Your Funnel URL

to all your clients, followers, or customers. Using your email newsletter app, CRM, etc.


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Funnel Encourages Reviews

by sending positive clients to give a review.


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Watch The Reviews Roll in

and your overall rating improve! It’s powerful, online marketing that improves SEO, reputation, and influences potential customers to buy from you instead of the competiton.

Top Features


Starfish Reviews - Yes or No

Review Funnels

Our funnel is an optimized multi step process that improves the qualtity and quantity of reviews you recieve



Review Profiles

We import reviews from many third-party sites and are adding more sites with each release.  Reviews are then ready to be sorted into collections and displayed on your website.



Review Collections

Your reviews should not be visible only to people on third party sites. Display a collection on several pages of your site 

Starfish Reviews Makes Review Generation and Marketing Affordable to Everyone!

A Vital Part of Your Reputation Management Success

(Don’t just take our word for it, here is what our customers are saying)

Powered by Starfish Reviews

The 1st WordPress Plugin for Review Generation Marketing!

Reviews Increase Business


trust online reviews as much as a friend's recommendation*


trust a local business more, if they have positive reviews*


have been convinced to avoid a business, by negative reviews**


only choose businesses with a 4-star (or higher) rating*

Get More Positive Reviews On

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…And many more! Works with any review platform that can be linked to.

Generate 5-star Ratings and Reviews on Almost Any Online Platform

Small Businesses Benefit From Positive Reviews


get 5-star ratings on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other reviews sites.


your clients will provide feedback via your website/domain not some 3rd party site.


easily create funnels for clients to follow, and understand the feedback they provide.

Counter Negativity

most people leave reviews when they’re upset. Counterbalance those with 5-star reviews!

Marketers Can Up-sell Clients with Reputation Management


undercut the SAAS company’s price, and save your clients money, while increasing your own revenue!


upsell your clients with reputation management services on their own website!


your clients will love you for improving their online reputation, while saving them thousands of dollars a year!


our simple analytics allow you to show your clients the results of the campaign.

Starfish Reviews Helps Generate Reviews for

Local Businesses

wanting to improve their Google My Business or Yelp ratings.

Online Products & Services

who need to establish their Facebook presence or Amazon reviews.

Self-published Authors

that need lots of Amazon review to grow their audience.

Restaurants or Retail Stores

wanting to increase visibility on Foursquare, Yelp, or Google.


looking to grow their total listeners, audience, and increase reviews and ratings.

WordPress Developers

who want to improve their plugin or theme score on
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…and many more!

Starfish Reviews is a Vital Part of Your Review Marketing Strategy

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