Rich Reviews Plugin

Capture and display testimonials & reviews on WordPress with rich markup schema.

Downloads: 118,082

Active Sites: 10,000

Stable Version: 1.8.3

Released: 11/7/19

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 4.2 stars

overall rating from 109 reviews

Great Plugin
This plugin works exactly like I needed! With a bit of custom css I was able to tweak the display of the different shortcodes rather easily. Additionally, easy to follow instructions makes it easy even for my novice Wordpress customers. One recommendation I would make is the ability to customize how [...]the form fields layout through a different method than having to use custom CSS. Read more »
October 29, 2019
Good but not enough
I will give without no doubt 5* if a shortecode for pagination will be included. In my opinion doesn't look good at all to see on one page more than 15-20 reviews. I think a shortcode option for pagination where are more than 20 reviews received is a MUST. [...]3* only for this reason. NOTE: I am very curios to see how much importance is given by the author to this kind of feedback and requirement and I'm curios to see if a pagination shortcode will be included and when(?)... Read more »
February 7, 2019
Google Tos Violation
November 18, 2018

Security Notice!

Please Update to Version 1.8.1 or Above

Rich Reviews was created by Nuanced Media. In 2017 severe vulnerabilities were found in the plugin along with some minor ones. The plugin was updated, but did not address the major vulnerabilities. In 2019 bad-actors began exploiting the remaining vulnerabilities to compromize WordPress websites and infect them with malware.

Nuanced Media had previously closed the plugin. They allowed us here at Starfish Reviews to adopt Rich Reviews to fix the security issues. Version 1.8.1 and above have removed XSS and other vulnerabilities.

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