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Rich Reviews Plugin

Capture and display testimonials & reviews on WordPress with rich markup schema.

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Released: 6/14/24

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Security Notice!

Please Update to Version 1.8.1 or Above

Rich Reviews was created by Nuanced Media. In 2017 severe vulnerabilities were found in the plugin along with some minor ones. The plugin was updated, but did not address the major vulnerabilities. In 2019 bad-actors began exploiting the remaining vulnerabilities to compromize WordPress websites and infect them with malware.

Nuanced Media had previously closed the plugin. They allowed us here at Starfish Reviews to adopt Rich Reviews to fix the security issues. Version 1.8.1 and above have removed XSS and other vulnerabilities.

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Caching Plugin Exception

If you find that the review submission form is not working with caching, you may need to exclude the following file from caching:


For example, in the WP Fastest Cache plugin you could add something like this:


AMP Plugin Inclusion

If you’re getting an error from the review submission form on AMP enabled sites, you may need to include that same file in your AMP settings, so it gets loaded on AMP pages.