How Joe Casabona of the “How I Built It” Podcast Uses Starfish Reviews for One-Click Polling

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We are always excited to hear from our customers about the creative ways they use Starfish Reviews to get feedback from their customers. Recently Tevya was on Joe Casabona’s podcast How I Built It talking about Starfish Reviews. During the podcast, Joe realized that Starfish had the perfect functionality for something he wanted to do to gather feedback from his podcast listeners. He ended up implementing it, and then made this awesome  video explaining what he did.

On Joe’s weekly How I Built It podcast, he features conversations with business owners and operators telling their stories. Normally he does 30-40 minute interviews, but recently tried a solo episode where he shared what he learned at a conference. Joe wanted to know whether or not his listeners liked the new format. He used Starfish Reviews to create a simple one click poll to get feedback from his listeners. 

Simple Podcast Listener Polling & Feedback

Joe has listeners coming from Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and other places. He wanted to make things as easy as possible for them to tell him whether or not they liked the new format. He put a simple question into the show notes – “Did you like this style of episode?” with Yes/No buttons. 

Screenshot of Yes and No Buttons

You lose people at each clickpoint, so by allowing listeners to click from within their podcast player or from the show website and answer a simple Yes/No question, Joe maximized his opportunity for feedback. 

If listeners clicked “Yes” they were taken to his Starfish Reviews funnel, but with the positive feedback option preselected. So they didn’t have to click thumbs-up again. Joe had setup his funnel to ask them to leave a review for the podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Screenshot of positive feedback funnel

And if listeners clicked “No” they once again were taken to the funnel, but this time with the negative feedback (thumbs-down) option preselected. So they were offered the normal negative feedback form that Starfish Funnels include. It’s a great opportunity for listeners to send Joe a private message explaining why they didn’t care for this new format

Screenshot of negative review funnel

By funneling listeners who weren’t happy with the format change here, Joe was able to engage them in a constructive conversation, rather than the listener potentially leaving a negative review on Apple Music or Stitcher. 

In the video, Joe said the ability to create a unique landing page for a “Yes” vote or a “No” vote was the whole reason he chose to use Starfish Reviews. This allowed for straightforward voting by his listeners. Then Joe could prompt them to take specific additional action, depending on how they voted on the initial question. 

You might be wondering “how did he do that?” Can I skip the “thumbs” page of my Starfish Funnels as well? The answer is “yes”! We included the “feedback” parameter in the plugin, just for this very purpose. You can include “feedback=p” on the end of your funnel URL to pre-select the positive option, or replace the “p” with an “n” to pre-select the negative option. Read all about it in the documentation.

Easy Podcast Listener Polling For You

As a podcaster or business owner you want to focus on your content, product, or service. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on the backend stuff. Starfish Reviews makes getting feedback easy. Joe spent just over 2 minutes setting up his single-click poll with Starfish Reviews handling the separate landing pages for a Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down votes, plus the negative feedback form and sending those who liked the episode to Apple Podcasts to leave a review. 

Screenshot of editing Starfish Reviews in WordPress

Customized for You and Your Customer

Joe said he loved the ability of Starfish Reviews to create a unique page for a positive or negative review. 

Previously we featured another case study in which one of our customers used Starfish Reviews to reward employees for reviews. How are you using Starfish Reviews? If you’d like to be featured on our blog please contact me. We love to see and highlight the creative approaches our customers take with their review marketing. 

And while you’re here, check out Starfish founder Tevya Washburn’s appearance on a recent episode of “How I Built It”  where Tevya and Joe talk about using social proof to improve sales.



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