Display Your Plugin’s WordPress.org Reviews on Your Website!

Plugin Reviews is a simple plugin with no settings screens. You configure everything through the shortcode. It’s free, light-weight, easy to setup, and displays any plugin’s WordPress.org reviews with Gravatars, star ratings, and date, all on your website!

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This is Plugin Reviews in action!

It’s displaying it’s own reviews from WordPress.org.

Matt Cromwell (webdevmattcrom)
Matt Cromwell (webdevmattcrom)
Wow! Well done!
I looked into creating this same functionality earlier this year and ran into the wall of realization: "Oh! This is going to take some creative DOM scraping" ... and then left it at that. You went the extra mile and made it happen with style! Nice work, a great benefit to plugin developers.
September 3, 2016
Chris Simmons (cssimmon)
Chris Simmons (cssimmon)
Awesome plugin, just what I wanted, thanks!
I just installed your plugin on my site www.wpbackitup.com and had it up and running in just a few moments. Love the UI, shortcode attributes, everything. Thanks for making it available. Chris
September 3, 2016

Displayed using this shortcode:

[wr_reviews plugin_slug="plugin-reviews"]

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