WordPress.org Plugin Reviews is Now a Starfish Plugin!

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We’re super excited to announce that Plugin Reviews (formerly WordPress.org Plugin Reviews) is now a Starfish plugin!

Display Your Plugin’s WordPress.org Reviews

I was looking for a way we could display the WordPress.org reviews for our plugins (we’re working on some free ones for the repository) on our website. The only plugin out there that does this is Plugin Reviews. Unfortunately, it was broken after the WordPress.org team updated the plugin page layouts. It hadn’t been updated in over 2 years, and so wasn’t showing up in searches on WP.org. It turned out the creators of the plugin were no longer in the plugin business and so didn’t have much motivation to update the plugin.

Julien Liabeuf and Julien Vernet had been partners at ThemeAvenue and built the WordPress customer support plugin Awesome Support together. But had since sold Awesome Support and closed down ThemeAvenue. You can read more about it on their blogs.

Since it’s review-related, it just seemed like a perfect fit for Starfish to manage and update going forward. I reached out to the two Julien’s. They were very kind. After explaining our desire to keep Plugin Reviews free how we’d like to use it for a little exposure for Starfish Reviews, they agreed to turn it over to us here at Starfish.

Updated After Over 2 Years!

So Anas and I grabbed a fix written by Chris Simmons over at WPBackItUp (he’d continued using his fixed version all along), and added a few updates of our own. Then we pushed out the first update to Plugin Reviews in over 2 years! We’re super excited to be able to maintain and update this plugin going forward. We’re also very grateful to Julien Liabeuf and Julien Vernet for allowing us to take over the plugin. Additional gratitude to Chris Simmons for sharing his code with us, so we could push the update out super quick!

Are you a plugin author? If your plugin is on the WordPress.org repository, Plugin Reviews is a great way to display your latest reviews from WordPress.org on your website!



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