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If you’d like to try out Starfish Reviews before buying, or simply don’t need all the features of our premium editions, there’s now a great option with limited functionality: install it for free from the plugin repository.

You can check it out on or just go to the Plugins menu in your WordPress Admin and click the “Add New” button. From there, search “Starfish Reviews” and you’ll see it in the results. Install, then activate, and you can setup a funnel without purchasing one of the premium editions of Starfish Reviews.

What’s the Difference?

So what’s different from the premium editions? The biggest difference is it only works with one funnel that is created automatically when you install and activate the plugin. There are no funnel customization options. There is also no results data or analytics. So it’s pretty basic, but should be a great tool for small businesses just starting out, who don’t want to spend any money, and just need one very basic funnel.

All the other premium features, like creating multiple funnels, viewing analytics data, customizing the URL, customizing almost all the text on each funnel, and auto-forwarding to the review destination are not included in this Lite edition. Plus it’s missing some great new features coming soon in our next version of Starfish Reviews business and webmaster editions, such as changing the thumbs icons, changing the wording on the submit button, and of course it doesn’t include our excellent premium support.

Can I Upgrade From Lite to A Paid License?

Yes, you can definitely can! If you’re using the Lite edition, here’s how to do that:

  1. Purchase whichever of our premium licenses that fits your needs.
  2. Download the plugin and add it to your site. Don’t activate it just yet.
  3. Deactivate Starfish Reviews Lite, then activate Starfish Reviews.
  4. Activate your license key for Starfish Reviews.
  5. Now delete Starfish Reviews Lite from your site.

Any funnel settings and other data will upgrade automatically for the premium version of the plugin and you’ll be able to continue right where you left off.

We hope the Lite edition will be helpful to many who aren’t ready to spend money on reputation and review management, or just want to get a better idea of what Starfish Reviews does, before purchasing one of our premium licenses.



Hi, I'm Tevya! I wrote this post. I also created Starfish Reviews. I'm always looking for ways to help small businesses and WordPress professionals. Right now, I'm most excited about Starfish Reviews and online reputation management. Feel free to connect with me on social media, or email me.

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