How to Create a Google Review Link for Customers to Use

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How to Create a Google Review Link

Do you need an easy way to share links to your Google review page with customers?

Unfortunately, creating a Google review link isn’t as simple as copying and pasting the Reviews tab from Google Maps.

In this post, we’re going to show you three different ways to create a Google review link for your business.

We also cover different methods you can use to shorten it as well as how to share it so you can collect more online reviews.

Let’s get started.

3 Ways to Create a Google Review Link

Method 1: Find Your Google Review Link Using Google Search

The Steps:

  1. Search for your business on Google.
  2. Click “Ask for Reviews.”
  3. Copy the “” URL in the popup window that appears.

Google Search provides the quickest way to access key settings for Google Business Profile, so long as you’re logged into the account that controls it.

All it requires is a simple Google search of your business or the keyword “google business profile”.

You’ll find numerous quick access buttons here, such as “Edit Profile,” “Read Reviews,” and “Messages.”

Google Business Profile in Google Search

You should also see a button labeled “Ask for Reviews,” so long as your Google Business Profile page is verified with Google.

A popup window containing your review link appears when you do this. It starts with “”.

The window even has a copy button you can use for easy access.

Method 2: Find Your Google Review Link in Google Business Profile Manager

The Steps:

  1. Open your Google Business Profile account in Google Business Profile Manager.
  2. On the Home or Reviews screen, click the link that says “Share Review Form.”
  3. Copy the link in the popup window that appears. It starts with “”.

You can find your review link from Google Business Profile Manager dashboard as well.

All you need to do is log into the Google account that controls your Google Business Profile account, then open Google Business Profile Manager with that account.

What you’re looking for is a box that says “Get More Reviews.” Click the “Share Review Form” link within it when you find it.

A popup window featuring your review link will appear. Like before, it starts with “” and has a copy button assigned to it.

Method 3: Create a Google Review with Your Place ID

The Steps:

  1. Identify your Place ID with Google’s Place ID finder tool.
  2. Insert your Place ID at the end of the following URL: .

A final, more manual way to create a Google review link is by inserting your Place ID at the end of a URL that will open a “write new review” window when your customer uses it.

Start by identifying your Place ID. Google assigns one to each business as a way to uniquely identify them as some businesses feature the same name.

Fortunately, Google has a tool you can use to find yours.

Visit this page, and enter your business’ address.

Google Place ID Finder

There is no maximum character limit for Place IDs, so don’t worry if yours seems too long.

Google has a URL you can use to send customers directly to your business’ “Write a Review” popup window:

All you need to do is replace “x” with your Place ID, like so:

How to Shorten Your Google Review Link

You can shorten your review link in a different ways:

  1. Pretty Links in WordPress.
  2. Free link shortener.
  3. Branded link shortener.
  4. QR code.
  5. Bonus: Starfish Reviews in WordPress.

1. Use Pretty Links in WordPress

One of the easiest ways to create shortlinks that match your branding is by using Pretty Links, a prominent WordPress plugin with over 300,000 active installations and a 4.8 star rating.

Pretty Links WordPress Plugin

Pretty Links enables you to cloak external URLs with ones that use your own domain.

It’s primarily used to cloak affiliate links, which are often pretty ugly, to put it plainly.

Plus, the series of random letters, numbers and characters affiliate links use probably look pretty suspicious from a reader’s perspective.

And so, many bloggers use Pretty Links to create “prettier” affiliate links. When users click one of the links you’ve created with this plugin, they’ll be redirected to the original affiliate URL instead.

You can do the same with your Google review link.

Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site to see what we mean, then go Pretty Links → Add New.

Fill out the following fields in the Basic tab:

  • Redirection – Keep this set to a 307 temporary redirect. This lets search engines know that the URL may change in the future.
  • Target URL – Paste the Google review link you found or created in the first section here.
  • Pretty Link – Enter a user-friendly URL slug here, such as simply “google” or “googlereview”. This ensures Pretty Links cloaks your Google review link as “” or “”
  • Notes – Enter relevant notes to yourself, such as where you got your target URL.
Pretty Links - Basic Settings

All that’s left is to give your link a name, such as “Google Review Link,” then click Publish.

If you go to Pretty Links → Pretty Links, you’ll see a list of all of the links you’ve created with Pretty Links.

Each one has a Copy to Clipboard button under the Pretty Links column. It’s an easy way to copy your review link for quick use around the web.

Pretty Links - Copy to Clipboard

2. Use a Free Link Shortener

If you don’t have WordPress or don’t want to use a WordPress plugin to shorten links, consider using a free link shortener.

Bitly is one of the most popular link shorteners out there, but you can use Rebrandly or TinyURL.

You don’t even need to create an account with Bitly to shorten links.

Just visit the tool’s homepage, paste your review link in the Shorten Your Link field, and click Shorten.

Bitly Link Shortener

The tool will output a shortened URL immediately, which you can copy on the spot.

Bitly - Copy URL

3. Use a Branded Link Shortener

You can also purchase a premium plan from either link shortening service and create your own custom-branded shortened URLs.

This allows you to use shortened URLs your customers will be able to recognize as your own, as opposed to using “,” “” or “”

You do this by creating custom domains that are separate from your website’s primary domain, such as using “” instead of “”

Most premium link shorteners also enable you to create your own slugs so you can reuse custom domains.

So, if your unicycle store has a Black Friday sale, you can use “” as a shortened URL that redirects customers to “”

Bitly Branded URL

You can do the same with your Google review link, just as you would if you used Pretty Links. The only difference is you use a custom, shortened domain instead of your full domain.

Plus, you don’t need to create and save links with a WordPress plugin.

TinyURL is the cheapest service but has the fewest amount of features. Rebrandly and Bitly cost around $35/month.

4. Create a QR Code

QR codes are a newer form of link shortening, but they can be just as effective in certain use cases.

Plus, most native smartphone camera apps have QR code readers built right into them (as opposed to needing to take the time to install a code reader app), so it’s never been more convenient to scan codes.

Bitly and Rebrandly have QR code generators built right into their platforms, but you can also find plenty of generators around the web as well.

They work just the same as link shorteners do: you paste your Google review link into the tool, and it outputs a QR code, which you can download as an image.

Rebrandly - QR Code Generator

You can then use this image in various places.

Receipts, paper handouts and packaging work especially great, but there’s no reason why you can’t also insert QR codes on your website or in emails.

Bonus Method: Use Starfish Reviews in WordPress

If you have a WordPress site, consider using Starfish Reviews to create a review funnel page that enables you to create a “shortlink button” of sorts.

Starfish Reviews - Submit Google Review

Start by creating a review funnel, or edit the one that’s already available in Starfish Reviews.

A review funnel page created with Starfish Reviews is a prompt that enables you to generate more reviews for your business for any review platform you want.

Starfish Reviews - Review Funnel Prompt

Start with any prompt you want, such as “Would you recommend us?”, “How would you rate us?” or “How are we doing?”

As you can see from the screenshot above, your customer has the option to respond positively or negatively.

A Starfish Reviews funnel allows you to customize the message you display for each response type.

For positive responses, include a short-and-sweet review prompt, such as “Awesome! Let the world know how you feel about us!” or “Thanks! Consider leaving a review on Google!”

You can also insert the review link you copied earlier.

Starfish Reviews - Positive Option Response

You can also edit your message for negative responses.

Although, we must warn you: most review platforms have policies that forbid review gating. Review gating is a practice businesses use to prevent customers with negative opinions from leaving negative reviews, all while giving customers with positive opinions multiple options to leave public reviews.

In short, do not leave review links out of your negative response message if you want to comply with policies made by Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

Leave ’em there instead by ensuring the Disable Review Gating option is enabled.

The negative response message in Starfish Reviews comes with a small form, so you’ll be able to collect responses from customers.

You can even encourage them to leave their name, email and phone number so your customer service reps can get in touch with them to resolve any issues they have.

Starfish Reviews - Negative Response Message

This will hopefully encourage most customers to reach out to customer service rather than leave a negative review.

Also, don’t include a review prompt in your negative response message.

Where to Share Your Google Review Link

You can share your shortened link or QR code in a number of different places:

  1. On a review funnel page with Starfish Reviews.
  2. On your website.
  3. Receipts.
  4. Shipping inserts.
  5. Flyers.
  6. Packaging.
  7. Customer service correspondence.

1. Starfish Reviews

Again, if you have a WordPress site, consider using the Starfish Reviews plugin to insert review links on your site with a funnel that:

  1. Generates reviews from customers with positive opinions about your business.
  2. Collects internal feedback from customers with negative opinions about your business.

2. On Your Website

You can add your Google review link anywhere on your website, including your footer and sidebar.

Google Review Link in Footer

These two locations will ensure a review link exists on every page of your website.

Other possible locations include your main Shop page and even individual product pages.

A few prime locations would be key account pages, such as your order history page: the page customers visit to view past transactions they’ve made with your business.

That way, you know you’re advertising your review link to actual customers.

3. Receipts

Receipts are a fantastic location for Google review links, whether you operate locally, online or a bit of both.

For receipts you handout in person, it would be best to use a QR code or a proper shortened URL, especially a branded shortened URL.

Because your customer can’t just click on a link in real life, the easier you make it to visit a web page manually, the more likely they are to actually do so.

If you use Square to process credit and debit cards in person, you can connect it to a printer and print receipts in person.

More importantly, you can add custom text to customer-facing receipts by editing your receipt template in your Square dashboard.

Customizing digital receipts for ecommerce stores is a lot easier thanks to automated order confirmation emails.

Fortunately, most ecommerce platforms let you customize these emails. For example, you can install the OrderlyEmails app on Shopify to create custom email templates.

Shopify - OrderlyEmails App

For WooCommerce, you can customize emails manually or use a plugin like YayMail to create custom email templates with a drag-and-drop builder.

4. Shipping Inserts

If you own an ecommerce store that ships physical goods to customers, you could be missing out on a few key marketing techniques by not including inserts in the boxes you ship goods in.

Inserts let you promote new products, sales, discount codes, events and more, all by simply including a postcard with every order.

You can do the same with your Google review link. That is, you can create a postcard that asks customers to leave reviews for your business on Google.

To be clear, you should only advertise one item per side of an individual postcard.

A minimalist approach to advertising leads to a clear and concise marketing message that does not overwhelm customers with too many options to consider.

VistaPrint Postcards

It’s best to only include a review postcard with new orders. That way, you can ensure you’re only asking for reviews from new customers as opposed to hounding repeat customers who may have already done so.

Here are two postcard ideas for this approach:

  • Idea 1
    • Side A: Google review link.
    • Side B: Discount code to encourage first-time customers to buy again.
  • Idea 2
    • Side A: Google review link.
    • Side B: Your logo with an on-brand background.

For your link, use a QR code, a branded shortened URL or both.

To create shipping inserts, print custom postcards with VistaPrint, GotPrint, UPrinting or MOO.

5. Flyers

If you operate at a physical location, you can use flyers or postcards in the same way ecommerce stores do, except you’ll include them in your customers’ shopping bags rather than shipping boxes.

Best of all, if you want to use flyers as opposed to postcards, you can use the same printing services to create them.

6. Packaging

Product Packaging

Do you create and sell your own physical goods? If so, product packaging could be another great location for your Google review link.

Packaging could include branded labels you adhere to goods or the box that houses your product for selling.

You can use a QR code if your label is small enough. If not, use a branded shortened URL.

Include a small prompt, such as “Love it? Hate it? Leave us a review on Google!”

Make sure the addition of this prompt does not take away from your packaging’s design. In other words, make sure it uses the same style as the rest of your packaging so it doesn’t look out of place or sloppy.

7. Customer Service

Customer service channels are an excellent source for Google reviews.

When you resolve an issue for a customer, you have the perfect opportunity for them to share their experience with the world through a Google review.

This works best for chat-based support where it’s easy to share URLs.

Live Chat

All you need to do is instruct your customer service representatives to end every resolution with something as simple as “I’m glad I was able to sort out this issue for you. If you haven’t done so, yet, please consider leaving us a review on Google by visiting [shortened URL here]. Have a great day!”

You can also add this prompt to a customer satisfaction survey, or send your customer to a Starfish Reviews funnel page.

Final Thoughts

That wraps up our guide on how to create a Google review link, shorten it and share it with the world.

To recap, you can create a review link by:

  1. Finding your link by searching for your business in Google Search.
  2. Finding your link in Google Business Profile Manager.
  3. Creating a link with your Place ID.

It’s important that you shorten your link, preferably with a branded link shortener, and share it with the world as well.

Generating more online reviews is a crucial part of online reputation management.

As far as local search goes, Google prefers to rank businesses that receive new reviews on a regular basis and have more positive reviews than negative.

Make sure asking for reviews is a regular part of your routine.


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