We’re really excited to launch Reviews, our first premium WordPress plugin. It worked out that we launched just before Thanksgiving Day. As you know, Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.

So I was thinking, how can we give a discount that’s 1. worthy of celebrating our launch, and 2. would be a great Black Friday deal? The only thing that seemed right was a lifetime license, which we don’t plan to offer otherwise. So we’re selling a lifetime license for only a little more than our 1-year early adopter licenses. That’s a huge discount, and you’ll get all the future features we add to the plugin (unless they’re a separate service, like SMS).

Why Should I Buy Now?

Now you might be thinking, “well, the plugin looks like a cool start, but I wish it could do more.” If that’s your thought process, you should definitely buy Starfish Reviews right now! Why is that? Well, I’ll tell you:

1. We’re Just Getting Started

Starfish Reviews is the 1st Reputation Management (a fancy term for helping you with your online ratings and reviews) that runs completely on WordPress. But we’re sure it won’t be long before others come. So we want to hold onto any advantage we have, by continually adding new features and functionality.

2. You Help Determine the Future

Buying Starfish Reviews is an investment in the plugin’s future. We recognize that and are going to do our best to make sure every one of our paying users has a say in the future of the plugin. We can’t guarantee you’ll get the features you want, but as a paying user and early adopter, you get first say. We’ll listen to you, our early adopters, above everyone else.

I’m a big believer in Lean Startup method. We’re going to apply that here: we want you to use the plugin then give us feedback. That way we can build what you all want next, rather than what we think you would like.

3. We May Not Offer Lifetime Ever Again

Because of this perfect-storm of 1. Black-Friday, 2. the launch our plugin company, Starfish, and 3. the launch of our first plugin, Reviews, we’re doing something we have no intention of ever doing again. I don’t want to say “never,” but it’s highly unlikely. We want to build a sustainable business, and don’t believe that offering a lifetime license is a good idea to reach that goal, at least not on an ongoing basis. So this might be the only chance you’ll ever have to purchase lifetime access. And it’s definitely the only time you’ll get it at this price!

So that’s it! If you would like to use Starfish Reviews, now is the time to buy, test it or deploy it, and give us feedback. You’ll shape the future of this plugin. Hurry, the offer is only available until the end of Nov, Mountain Standard Time.

Get 5-Star Reviews!

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Hi, I'm Tevya! I wrote this post. I also created Starfish Plugins (the company) and this website. I'm always looking for ways to help small businesses and WordPress professionals. Right now, I'm most excited about Starfish Reviews and online reputation management. Feel free to connect with me on social media, or email me.

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